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I get this question all the time:

Your GB4000 runs up to 8 frequencies at the same time, doesn't that dilute the effectiveness of each frequency?

The answer to this question all comes down to power output.

If you can get enough power you're all good. Ironically there are other manufacturer who are putting out machines that either only run audio frequencies, or in radio frequency mode have very limited power; these manufacturers and distributors of their machines are saying that it doesn't work well to run multiple frequencies at the same time. The reason I say 'ironically' is because if these other machines only put out more radio frequency power they'd be able to run 8 frequencies at the same time without a problem.

You see when I use radio frequency mode on the GB4000 I know I can handle a much higher power output than if I was using just audio frequencies (or audio mode on the GB). This is one of the advantages of RF, it won't trigger muscular contraction! This is always the upper limit of the use of low audio frequencies when there's no RF carrier.

Of course with the GB4000 you have the advantage of being able to change a program to a sequence where only a single frequency is running at a time. I do this when I'm using "Audio" mode but most of the time I'm using the GB in RF mode so this isn't an issue.

Back in the 1950's they built a ray tube instrument that would run 10 frequencies simultaneously. So running multiple frequencies is not a new concept. This is why we built the GB-4000 to be able to run multiple frequencies. Yet today some unknowledgeable people want to disparage running multiple frequencies. Successfully running multiple frequencies is directly tied to power. If you have enough power then it is possible to do this.

So here's the breakdown of the power output equation:

Does running multiple frequencies reduce the power level of the frequencies?

The answer to that question would be yes. This is why we built the GB-4000 with the ability to output 3.7 watts (3.70 watts) of continuous power at a 100% duty cycle using an RF (Radio Frequency) carrier frequency. Using an RF carrier frequency is the only way the power level could be increased. The original 1950’s equipment could only output one audio frequency at a time with only 1/5th of one watt of power (0.20% of one watt). This power level worked very well with one audio frequency even until today. Logically if you use 2 audio frequencies you would want to double that power level (2 X 0.20 = 0.40% of one watt) to 0.40% of one watt. If you run up to 8 audio frequencies you would want at least 8 times that power level or 1.60 watts of power. This is why the GB-4000 has 3.7 watts of power output so that it exceeds the power capability needed for running 8 audio frequencies simultaneously at the original 1950’s capability of 0.20 watts of power for one audio frequency.

Some people also ask if they can only run multiple frequencies. The answer to that question is no. The GB-4000 gives you the flexibility to switch from running one audio frequency at a time to being able to run up to 8 audio frequencies at a time. You can choose how you want to run the frequencies.

Many people want even more power than the 1950's power levels per audio frequency. If you want more power then you can purchase the SR-4 15 watt amplifier and you will have 1.875 watts of power for each frequency if you run 8 audio frequencies simultaneously. If you decide to only run 4 audio frequencies simultaneously then you would have 3.75 watts of power for each frequency. And if you only run one frequency you can have up to 15 watts of power for a single audio frequency.

If you want even more power than 15 watts then you can purchase the MOPA gas tube amplifier which is a 190 watt instrument. With this instrument you could run up to 8 audio frequencies simultaneously with 23.75 watts of power for each audio frequency.

We look at it as going from good to better to best.

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Any 20MHz Sweep Function Generator can output all of the frequencies that were used in the original Rife Machine or Rife Machines. What they lack is power in their output. The GB4000 20MHz sweep function generator, SR-4 and MOPA frequency amplifying instruments are the result of over 24 years of extensive research and development and have the ability to output all of
the original frequencies with the correct power levels needed.

The frequency range is very important! The original machines used frequencies from 120 Hertz to 17,033,000 Hertz. The GB-4000 with MOPA plasma tube has the capability of emitting frequencies from 1 Hertz to 20,000,000 Hertz which is the largest frequency range of any plasma tube instrument. Most other plasma tube instruments on the market today are limited to a range of 1 Hertz to about 300,000 Hertz.

We do not call our instruments “Rife Machines” or a “Rife Machine” like many other companies do. Dr. Rife specifically stated that he "did not want his name put on any machine” because "some people" might use his name to sell machines. Companies who respect his wishes do not call their machine a Rife Machine. This website is available to help you research and learn more about frequency generating machines. The information on this site should not be construed as any type of medical advice. All information and products are provided for educational and research purposes only, and by using this website, you accept responsibility for any actions you may take. No claims for any recommended purpose or use are stated or implied. The manufacturer of this equipment is in no way responsible for the information supplied, or use of the products, for anything beyond your personal research.