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Ultra-Powerful 1930's Style Plasma Tube Broadcasting Generator System


Our Ultimate GB4000 Package includes the Revolutionary MOPA RF Amplifier – The Only True Vacuum Tube Driven Frequency Machine Available

  • Optimum Performance For Driving Any Plasma Tube
  • Variable RF Carrier from 2.1 to 3.6 MHz
  • Driven by an Authentic 1930’s Style Vacuum Tube
  • Outputs 195 Watts (continuous) with Pulsing capability from the GB4000
  • Professional Hand Built Construction w/ 2 Years Parts & Labor Warranty and 60 Days Satisfaction guarantee

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Now includes the optimum 3.1-3.3 MHz RF Carrier Frequency Range 100% Money Back Guarantee – Free Shipping to US!

"Listen to Anne Marie Engleman"

"Listen to Ken Schock"

GB4000 Combo Package

New GB4000 w/ Perfect 3.1 MHz RF Carrier Frequency & SR4 15 Watt Amplifier

  • Professional Hand Built Construction w/ 2 Years Parts & Labor Warranty and 60 Days Satisfaction guarantee
  • SR4 RF Amplifier Increases Output to 15 Watts
  • Includes Quick Start DVD Training Video
  • The Best Technical Telephone or In Person (Oregon) Support
  • Free Shipping to US & Canada
2016 Update: Now With 3.1 Mhz Carrier Frequency!
Free Shipping To Both US & Canada

2016 Update: Now With 3.1 Mhz Carrier Frequency!
Free Shipping To Both US & Canada

GB4000 Deluxe Combo Package

New 2018 Version GB4000 w/Groundbreaking 3.1 MHz RF Carrier Frequency & SR4 15 Watt Amplifier Deluxe Package

  • GB4000 20 MHz Frequency Generator
  • Now with 3.1 MHz RF Carrier Optimizes Sideband Output
  • SR4 RF Amplifier Increases Output to 15 Watts
  • Deluxe “Carry On Size” Vanguard Hardshell Case Fits Both Units
  • Includes Quick Start DVD Training Video
  • The Best Technical Telephone or In Person (Oregon) Support
  • Free Shipping to US & Canada

GB-4000 Specifications

20 Megahertz Sweep/Function Generator

The only Frequency Generator capable of running 8 frequencies simultaneously.

The GB-4000 is the only FREQUENCY GENERATOR available that………

  • Frequency range of 0.01 to 20 million hertz.
  • Produces digitally accurate frequencies converted to analog for full analog harmonics.
  • New! Incorporates a groundbreaking new 3.1 MHz RF (Radio Frequency) carrier wave technology to give massive versatility in sideband frequencies when using squarewave audio frequencies.
  • Carrier wave can be turned off so user can use it as a standard low audio frequency generator.
  • Produces square wave harmonics..
  • Displays all frequencies on the LCD – not hidden program numbers like other frequency generators.
  • Allows you to program your own frequencies and groups of frequencies (2000 custom channels available, each channels stores up to 48 frequencies).
  • Computer programmable software included.
  • Runs either single or multiple frequencies (up to 8 frequencies simultaneously).
  • Capable of running a 90% duty cycle (almost double the power of other instruments; other frequency generators typically can only run a 50% duty cycle).
  • Incorporates gating capabilities from 5 – 2500 Hz with a 10 – 90% duty cycle.
  • Capable of running both sine wave and square wave waveforms.
  • Channel sweep capabilities in all 2000 channels.
  • Capable of running both narrow and broad range sweeps.
  • Capable of running converge sweeps to 20 million hertz.
  • Offers 4 outputs (other frequency generators have only 2 outputs).
  • 9 times more powerful than any audio frequency generator.


When comparing the various instruments power output is a very important consideration. This is the reason the GB-4000 uses a carrier frequency so that more power can be output safely.

The power output of most frequency generators on the market today that do not use an RF carrier frequency is only about 0.20 of 1 watt. The GB-4000 with the use of an RF carrier is about 2 watts and is over 9 times more powerful than these instruments. With the use of the optional SR-4 amplifier it is over 50 times more powerful.

Add to this the ability to drive sidebands with the groundbreaking 3.1 MHz carrier wave and the GB4000 is tough to compete with. For the best combo check out our MOPA Amplifier for the GB4000 to drive the frequencies through a plasma tube.

Frequently asked GB-4000 Frequency Instrument questions

Why was the GB4000’s RF Carrier changed from 2.4 MHz to 3.1 MHz?
Recently the importance of sideband frequencies in historical frequency machines have been discovered and 3.1 MHz has been mathmatically proven to be the ‘Ideal’ carrier frequency for many purposes and for doing very powerful sweeps.
Does the GB-4000 use crystal controlled frequencies for high accuracy.
Yes it does for the RF carrier frequency. The GB-4000 also goes beyond using crystal-controlled frequencies. It also uses digital frequencies output from a DSP (Digital Signal Processor).

Analog vs Digital Frequencies

The Analog vs. Digital Frequency Debate for those wanting to know the facts.
The current analog vs. digital scene is wrought with misconceptions and disinformation in the form of marketing hype. Such as, digitally generated frequencies do not vary, which implies that they do not have overtones and undertones. This would only be true if the frequencies remained digital. That is why digital frequencies from DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) are converted to analog before they are put out of the GB-4000 and all other analog frequency generators. These Digital-to-Analog Converters are called a DAC for short. You can see in the diagram below that a frequency comes out of a DDS or a DSP looking like stairs. The signal then goes through a DAC or Digital-to-Analog Converter.

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Any 20MHz Sweep Function Generator can output all of the frequencies that were used in the original Rife Machine or Rife Machines. What they lack is power in their output. The GB4000 20MHz sweep function generator, SR-4 and MOPA frequency amplifying instruments are the result of over 24 years of extensive research and development and have the ability to output all of
the original frequencies with the correct power levels needed.

The frequency range is very important! The original machines used frequencies from 120 Hertz to 17,033,000 Hertz. The GB-4000 with MOPA plasma tube has the capability of emitting frequencies from 1 Hertz to 20,000,000 Hertz which is the largest frequency range of any plasma tube instrument. Most other plasma tube instruments on the market today are limited to a range of 1 Hertz to about 300,000 Hertz.

We do not call our instruments “Rife Machines” or a “Rife Machine” like many other companies do. Dr. Rife specifically stated that he "did not want his name put on any machine” because "some people" might use his name to sell machines. Companies who respect his wishes do not call their machine a Rife Machine. This website is available to help you research and learn more about frequency generating machines. The information on this site should not be construed as any type of medical advice. All information and products are provided for educational and research purposes only, and by using this website, you accept responsibility for any actions you may take. No claims for any recommended purpose or use are stated or implied. The manufacturer of this equipment is in no way responsible for the information supplied, or use of the products, for anything beyond your personal research.